“I love the act of making something out of nothing, and the fact that these things cannot be made by a machine. I choose to create accessories because I love the ambiguous role they play as the element that is both extra and yet essential to a polished, complete look. My line is about playing with the balance between classic luxury and contemporary style. I mix up old staples with new colors or exaggerated dimensions. My pieces can serve as both the classic wardrobe staple that grounds an ensemble and as the punch of fresh style that keeps classic on its toes. Each piece is created with the finest hand-dyed 100% merino wool from New Zealand. The wool is handspun and handknit in New York City to create carefully crafted, always unique pieces. I offer all the designs as customizable, giving the individual the ability to tailor the pieces so that they work with her personal style."

Born in Holland and raised in the countryside, Mischa began creating and designing at an early age. A lover of all things aesthetic and an avid traveler, Mischa draws from inspirations both close and far. From the ground breaking deconstruction of Martin Margiela, to the beaches of Tulum, to the streets of Soho NYC where she has lived for the past ten years, her designs are both personal and universal.