Grey is a color without a color. It is a blend.

There is a woman who, much like the color grey, seamlessly blends different facets of her life to create a unique lifestyle. She has a range of different roles but is always herself: confident, sophisticated, comfortable, spontaneous, and fun. She is the Grey State woman.

Grey State is a polished casual collection designed for her lifestyle.

The curated collection gives her ease and comfort without compromising style and aesthetics. Sophisticated with an edge, the clothes are simple and streamlined. Unexpected details, luxurious fabrics and complexity of design make the clothes exceptionally easy to wear. Shape and design—graceful silhouettes, deconstruction, elongated and experimental cuts—inspire creativity and define the Grey State woman’s individual style.

The casual and versatile nature of Grey State takes athleisure to the next level. The athleisure trend sweeping the apparel industry is causing a shift in the way women dress. Seamlessly transitioning ‘work-out’ clothes to ‘wear-out’ style—athleisure is all about turning your leisure wear into a fashion statement. Looking great and feeling at ease are no longer two separate outfits.

Grey State offers a wardrobe that caters to a range of lifestyles—a woman on the go, the working woman, the jet setter who travels in style—without sacrificing style and comfort.